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REV.247, a brand of Pivotal Health Solutions, manufactures stylish and functional quality-crafted standing desks, office furniture, cabinetry and storage solutions, and personalized whiteboards, all with a customized look and feel to meet changing work requirements as diverse as you. We are constantly evolving and innovating to be the difference in today’s healthcare and wellness fields by offering our products through multiple brands.

Our Brands


Adjusting to your needs.

Since its launch in 2009, PHS Chiropractic has become an industry leader in beautifully designed, configurable chiropractic tables and accessories.

Designed to be feature-rich, our tables meet the needs of all practitioners, from students to the elite professional. We continue to improve features, from drops to elevating features to adjustable headpieces—all easily added to your existing table to help you grow as your practice grows.

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PHS Chiropractic PHS Chiropractic
Custom Craftworks Custom Craftworks

A Touch Above the Rest.

Custom Craftworks launched in 1986 carving out a niche for high-end, well-made, customized massage tables that meet the ergonomic needs of therapists and comfort requirements of clients.

Since then, Custom Craftworks has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of massage tables, chairs, equipment and accessories in the United States. Acquired by Pivotal Health Solutions in 2009, Custom Craftworks continues to build thoughtfully constructed, long-lasting products for students, therapists, and educators in the massage, therapy, and holistic health fields.

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We have the EDGE.

As part of Pivotal Health Solutions, one of the largest manufacturers of beautifully designed furniture and equipment for athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and other health care providers, our products go beyond the standard.

At The Athletic Edge, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality athletic training room equipment and lockers to high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams. We collaborate with schools and organizations to design cutting-edge products to meet your equipment needs and bring your facility’s vision to life.

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PHSBrands-ae PHSBrands-ae
PHSBrands-med PHSBrands-med

Innovative Care Solutions.

PHS Medical manufacturers a wide variety of innovative therapy and pain management products designed and manufactured in our Watertown, SD and Springfield, OR facilities. In 2013, PHS Medical became a brand of Pivotal Health Solutions, and has evolved into an industry leading manufacturer driven by standards of safety, reliability and high quality.

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Vibrant design. Remarkable results.

Advertising tells the story of your business. We can help you get noticed in all the right spaces. From decals, to banners, signs and more, Pivotal Printing can bring your design to life.

Pivotal Printing is the smart choice for quality custom signs and friendly customer service at the right price. We believe in providing high-quality, affordable options to meet a variety of print needs that can fit most budgets.

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PHSBrands-pp PHSBrands-pp

The Rev.247 Difference

As REV.247 continues to grow and evolve, our philosophy and culture remain the same – to be work-centric. How you work best is at the center of what we do by providing innovative office furniture and solutions for a better workspace.

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Because the way you work best is unique, REV.247 delivers versatile options for your changing needs. As your career evolves, so does your space.



Beautifully constructed, REV.247 pieces are handcrafted in the USA by professional craftsmen and women who care about the customers we serve.



Create a distinct look and feel for your workspace to showcase the way you work best. We have tasteful options for a sophisticated look all the way from elegant to contemporary and everywhere in between.



Sync your space with custom options to help you work smarter by providing what you need right where you need it.

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