Warranty & Service

Pivotal Health Solutions warrants to the original purchaser that each REV.247 product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to remedy any such defect or to furnish a new or equal part in exchange, therefore. Warranty covers components and repairs (labor) indicated below, commencing on date of original shipment. Labor coverage may not include replacement or installation of small parts or components. Pivotal Health Solutions Service and/or Sales will determine the technical level of service needed and approve labor coverage on a case by case basis.

Pivotal Health Solutions reserves the right to inspect claimed defective products. No returns, replacements or repairs may be made without prior written consent. Please do not return any product to Pivotal Health Solutions or its service center without first contacting Customer Service for a Return Authorization number. Products returned without a Return Authorization number will be refused back to the customer at the customer’s expenses.

This Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship provided the product is used for the normal purpose for which intended. The customer shall be responsible for the proper set-up and use of the product. This Warranty does not include damage resulting from accident and expressly excludes normal wearing of parts or deterioration due to normal wear and tear, damage caused by improper set-up or storage, defect caused by transportation, accident, fire, flood, alteration, abuse, misuse, or negligence. Pivotal Health Solutions shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages or delay, including damages for loss of income or loss of use.

Any obligation of Pivotal Health Solutions under this Warranty shall automatically and immediately terminate, without notice from or any further action by Pivotal Health Solutions and Pivotal Health Solutions shall have no responsibility for damages of any kind as the result of the occurrence of any of the following: 

  • accident, misuse, abuse or negligent use of the Products or any component thereof; 

  • Any repair or alteration of the Products or any component thereof made outside Pivotal Health Solutions’ authorization;

  • Improper installation, set-up, or operation (including both mechanical and electrical) of the Products or any component thereof, which includes operation of the Product not in accordance with the Product’s operating manual;

  • Damage to surfaces such as cuts, scratches or abrasions caused by other objects or issues;

  • Failure to provide normal maintenance for the Products or any component thereof in accordance with the Product Operating Manual;

  • Alteration or obliteration of any identifying marks.



The warranty outlined herein is the sole and exclusive warranty provided by Pivotal Health Solutions. There are no other warranties or guarantees provided by Pivotal Health Solutions, either expressed or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Incidental or consequential damages are excluded. We do not assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale of our product.

Note: Warranty periods listed below apply only to products purchased in new condition. Any tables sold as a factory blemish or in used condition are sold ‘as-is’ unless specified in writing from Pivotal Health Solutions.

Standing Desks & Mobile Workstations

[Rev100, Rev200, Rev300, Rev900, Rev1200, Rev1700, Rev1900, Rev2200]

  • 5 Years - All surfaces, hardware, mechanical parts, motors and electrical components

Tables & Stationary Furniture

[Rev3000, Rev3100, Rev4000, Rev4100, Rev5000, Rev5100]

  • 10 Years – Frame (steel or aluminum), hardware, and mechanical parts
  • 5 Years – Frame (laminate or wood)
  • 5 Years – Desk/table top surfaces

Office & Visitor Chairs

[RevEOC01, RevEOC02, RevEOC03, RevEOC04, RevLC01, RevOC03, RevOC04, RevOC05]

  • 3 Years – All surfaces, hardware, and mechanical parts

Locker Systems

  • 3 Years - For additional information, please contact your customer service or sales rep. Pivotal Health Solutions is a leading provider of locker systems and warranties may be different depending on locker material (laminate, wood, steel, phenolic, etc.)

Desk Accessories/Add-Ons

  • Acrylic Modesty Panel and Acrylic Privacy Panel – 1 Year
  • Acrylic Modesty Panel with Branding and Acrylic Privacy Panel with Branding – 1 Year
  • Cord Management Tray – 1 Year
  • Battery – 1 Year
  • USB Bluetooth Dongle – 1 Year
  • Wireless Charger – 1 Year
  • Casters – 1 Year
  • Pullout Storage Cubby – 1 Year

Office Accessories

  • Rolling Stools and Metal Rolling Stools (with and without logo) – 1 Year
  • Logo Rugs – 1 Year
  • Smart Step Wellness Mats – 10 Years
  • Smart Step Wellness Mat Logos – 1 Year
  • Whiteboards – 5 Years
  • Office Décor (canvas, framed canvas, wood prints, vinyl decals) – Out of Box


** Out of Box Failure: An out of box failure is defined as a product that fails to perform correctly due to a defect in workmanship or material during the initial set-up and installation of the product. To qualify as an out of box failure, Pivotal Health Solutions must be contacted, and a return authorization number issued within thirty (30) days from original shipment of the product.

** Normal wear and tear will not constitute a defect.


Warranty service must be obtained through either Pivotal Health Solutions or an authorized dealer in the REV.247 product line for which warranty service is requested. To expedite the process, please include the invoice number and/or product serial number in your request. 

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