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Rev.247 Case Study: Agwrx Cooperative

When Agwrx Cooperative recently expanded their operations and built a new corporate headquarters in Watertown, SD they needed to furnish multiple offices and one large conference room. That's where Rev.247 stepped in. 




Q & A with Lannie Kirsch | Agwrx Cooperative CEO

Q: What were your most important office needs?

A: "We built a new office building and needed furniture for all of the individual office spaces and a new, large conference room. The room was designed to seat up to 40 people, so we needed enough table space and seating to accommodate those numbers."

Q: What is your favorite Rev.247 product and why?

A: "Everyone seems to like the desks that raise and lower for comfort and movement, and our office personnel are very happy with the office furniture we purchased."




Q: Why did you decide to work with Rev.247?

A: "They had the products we needed at a reasonable price."

Q: What is the main reason why you would recommend Rev.247 to others?

A: "Rev.247 office furniture is good looking and rugged enough to stand the test of time."





The REV.247 Difference
The world of work is changing, but our mission hasn’t. Our focus is on the way you work best, and we provide the innovative resources you need to get work done. Whether you work at home, on the go, in a traditional space, or collaborating with others we have the products and workspace solutions you need to work anywhere. At REV.247, it’s not business as usual. We manufacture stylish and functional quality-crafted standing desks, office furniture, cabinetry, storage solutions, and workplace accessories, all with a customized look and feel to meet changing work requirements as diverse as you.





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